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Doctorate in pan-European studies –...

We invite you to apply for the JOINT PhD program (doctorate in pan-European studies). These interdisciplinary and innovative doctoral programs are reputed to be one of the best within the EU.

The program aims to establish cooperation between students and mentors in their respective thematic areas and develop basic knowledge in several fields.

JOINT doctoral programs are aimed at candidates in qualified professional positions, preferably with experience in business management or economics and the educational or communication field.

Candidates can apply if:

- have a diploma or master's degree (5 years) or an equivalent diploma issued by an officially authorized university or higher education institution,

- submit all the necessary documents for the application, including a letter of motivation and a description of the intended focus of the research,

- achieve at least a C1 level of knowledge of the English language,

- successfully passed the class procedure.

After successful completion of all academic requirements, PhD students are awarded the highest academic degree – Doctor of Science – on behalf of all partner universities.

The application process is structured around key dates for each academic year.

For more information, please email info@doctorate-ps.eu and visit their official website.



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