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1st session: 14 July – 27 July 2019, number of participants: 8
2nd session: 28 July – 10 August 2019, number of participants: 8


Basic Information

The primary objective of the activity is to support the international reach of archaeological research in Mikulčice and to deepen the cooperation of the research base with foreign students of archaeology and their university departments. The “Summer School of Archaeology in Mikulčice” will take the form of archaeological professional practice for students of archaeology from foreign and domestic universities and junior researchers (doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers) at the Slavonic fortified settlement in Mikulčice. The students and doctoral students will learn about the site in detail, they will participate in field research on the site every day for two weeks and also in the post-excavation processing (eg flotation of botanical macro-residues).

In 2019, archaeological research will be carried out on a fortified settlement behind the Great Moravian fortifications from the 9th century, which was researched in 2018.


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