Studenti japanskog jezika iz srednje i istočne Europe pozvani su da se prijave na ljetnu školu japanologije koja će se održati u 6.mjesecu 2018. godine. Detalji će biti objavljeni naknadno, a određeni broj sudionika imat će priliku na potpuni pokrov troškova od organizacije TIFO.


Originalna poruka i prošlogodišnje informacije su u nastavku:

The „Japan Orientation” is a four week summer school program held at University of East Anglia in the city of Norwich, UK, in collaboration with the Toshiba Interational Foundation (TIFO). This program is designed for university students who are specializing in Japanese Studies or interested in the study of Japan.
It is a truly popular program, which gives the participating students to learn IN ENGLISH about several and wide-range aspects of Japanese culture and society, such as history, art, archaeology, business or diplomatic relationship of Japan and Europe through lectures by acclaimed and brilliant scholars and specialists. Also, the students will have opportunities for field trips to the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and Cambridge University Library etc. and see arts and materials related to Japan. Also, they can meet their peers from other countries and could create collaborative network among the participating students.

Applying students originally from EU countries in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and Baltic states are eligible for scholarship from TIFO, for twelve participants in total.
Applicable countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Applying students originally from Europe outside of the countries above are eligible for scholarship from Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures (SISAC), an institute which is affiliated to UEA, for three participants in total.

We think your excellent students will be very much welcomed to participate in this summer school, and would like to ask for your kind cooperation in encouraging your students to apply.

For your information, I will send the link of the e-flyer of „Japan Orientation” in 2017. In terms of the contents of the scholarship, UEA says a few amendments are supposed, for example, weekday lunches will not be provided. Thus, please be advised that the following flyer is for your reference only, and for the details of the next year’s „Japan Orientation”, please wait for the official announcement by UEA.

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