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HEJDE project receives support from...

We are very proud to announce that the project activity of mapping study programmes that educate journalists in Europe has received support from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. 

After domestic and international consultations were conducted upon our request, on 28th September 2020 we received a positive answer from the Croatian Commission for UNESCO of the Croatian Ministry of Culture regarding its support. Namely, the Croatian Commission for UNESCO supported our project by granting consent for their official logo to be displayed on the project web page and other official documents. Along with that, on 16th November 2020 we also received support from the Communication and Information Sector of UNESCO (Paris). As they asserted the research methodology as interesting even outside Europe, and considering the importance of the gathered data from which all kind of trends and patterns regarding higher education study programmes that educate journalists could be analyzed, they proposed to disseminate the results of that project activity through their network of journalism educators in Europe and beyond, and, when the time comes, to give us an opportunity to present our research experience and results at the UNESCO conference.

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