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HJEDE project is presented at the...

HEJDE project in general and in particular its appertaining activities – digital map and preliminary analysis of the necessity or/and an opportunity of creating a postgraduate specialist online study program that educates journalists in Croatia – are presented today by the project leader Tijana Vukić at the international scientific conference in Bucharest, Romania on the topic "30 years of Higher Education in Journalism and Communication in Eastern Europe after 1989: From Conquering Freedom of Expression to Embracing Digital Communication".

The virtual conference, with about 70 attendees is holding place for two days, is structured in the 13 sessions, and is jointly organized by the University of Bucharest, Moldova State University, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and the University of Niš based on their long-lasting cooperation and friendship.  

After the HEJDE project and one of its main activities – digital map – was presented at the virtual international scientific conference in Barcelona, this presentation was the logical sequel. The intention was to present that initiative addressing also to the academics and researchers in journalism education and communication from Central and South-Eastern Europe, to network with them and invite them to participate in gathering data. 

The HEJDE project and the map were presented at the first sequence of parallel sessions as a part of the "Communication and ethical challenges" while the preliminary results of a first research phase about the journalism online study program in Croatia, coauthored with Mato Brautović from the University of Dubrovnik, will be presented later in the afternoon under the umbrella of the session "Media and communication policies, media pluralism and independence. New approaches from a systemic perspective of the media system in Central and Eastern Europe".

Presentation of the HEJDE project at conferences concerning journalism education is one of its main general objectives.

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