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The president of the Croatian...

The e-publication H-Alter, HEJDE's project partner, yesterday published the interview with Hrvoje Zovko, the president of the Croatian Journalists' Association as a third text in the series of articles titled "Public Dialogue about the Academic Education of Journalists", which is a project financed by the Agency for Electronic Media.

The conversation led by the HEJDE project leader, assistant professor Tijana Vukić, took place in the mid of June using a conference call. Zovko advocates for the better status of investigative journalism in study programs that educate journalists which, he believes, is a postulate of the democratic society, as well as for a stronger political and classical education of journalists with additional subjects such as history, sociology, and communication. He sees journalism as primarily a practice, a craft that can be taught at media organizations, and as a vocation as well. Even though he supports the additional professional schooling of journalists, he is not convinced that professional higher education is supposed to be a condition for working in journalism.

The article is written and published in Croatian.

The next article will be published in July.

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