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A few days ago, H-alter published a new article on the topic of journalism education. Namely, it is the conversation with doctor Iva Rosanda Žigo, head of the Postgraduate Doctoral Study “The Media and Communication” at the University North in Koprivnica that was conducted online by the doctor Tijana Vukić in mid-November. It tackled the topic of the postgraduate degree of higher education of journalists in Croatia, i.e. the doctoral study.

Rosanda Žigo pointed out that employed journalists enrol on doctoral studies in information and communication sciences because they want to acquire theoretical knowledge, think about journalism from a scientific perspective and raise the quality of journalism. Since there is a strong and outspread vertical in the academic system of journalism education, she sees the necessity for additional journalist training and more active conceptualisation of lifelong programmes for journalists. She advocates a stronger implementation of research-based learning and information and communication technologies in the study programmes which educate journalists, as well as the continuous additional training of the information and communication literacy of professors teaching there.

This is the eighth text which is published as part of the project Public Dialogue in the Academic Education of Journalists in cooperation with the electronic publication H-alter, financed by the Agency for the Electronic Media encouraging excellence in journalism. It is an associate activity in the international scientific institutional project Higher Education of Journalists in a Digital Environment (HEJDE) conducted at the Faculty of Economics and Tourism „Dr. Mijo Mirković“ of the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula under the leadership of assistant professor Tijana Vukić, PhD.

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