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PhD Ivan Tanta, associate professor,...

The conversation with the eighth interlocutor of the Public Dialogue on the Academic Education of Journalists, doctor Ivan Tanta, was conducted online by doctor Tijana Vukić at the beginning of December 2021. The text was published on 23 December 2021 in the e-publication H-Alter.

According to Tanta, Croatia has too many study programmes educating journalists, journalists should not work in public relations because they have not been educated for that job, the border between journalistic and PR texts was erased long ago, journalism as we know it has slowly become an old story which is visible by the death of certain forms of journalism, and in the sensationalist media content we are being flooded by, only opinion journalism has a future. He expressed agreement with the fact that the individual journalist has to be at the centre of attention, while everything begins with appropriate education which should be stimulating, problem-based and critical.

You are invited to read the whole conversation here

This is the ninth of a series of texts published as part of the project Public Dialogue on the Academic Education of Journalists, and in 2021 it has been financed by the Agency for the Electronic Media which is an associate activity in the three-year international scientific institutional project Higher Education of Journalists in a Digital Environment (HEJDE).

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