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The last interview in 2021 about the...

The online interview with the retired professor doctor Nada Zgrabljić Rotar was conducted at the end of December 2021 by doctor Tijana Vukić and published in the electronic publication H-Alter on 31 December 2021. This is the last text part of the project Public Dialogue on the Academic Education of Journalists which was financed by the Agency for the Electronic Media last year based on a Public Call for Contracting Journalism Texts in Electronic Publications.

Although education of journalists is a fruitful research topic in the world, in Croatia the number of similar scientific studies and publications is too small. There are, however, articles published in Croatian scientific journals and books by prominent Croatian publishers which either deal with this or similar topics indirectly, or serve as literature in studies educating journalists. These contents are primarily used by students, journalists and other media workers.

The edition Media Research is oriented toward publishing books belonging to communication sciences. It also publishes the homonymous international scientific and professional journal for journalism and the media founded in 1995 by professor of communicology Zgrabljić Rotar who was also its editor-in-chief. She worked at a number of higher education institutions in Croatia and in the interview, she speaks about the difference between journalism as a profession and journalism as an academic discipline, journalists-doctoral students’ research topics, the process of scientific articles publishing, the state of the Croatian publishing industry, and the lack of Croatian language translations of the current literature belonging to communication sciences.

Read the whole article here.

As planned by the project, the partner electronic publication H-Alter published 10 texts from April to December 2021 – nine interviews and the introductory text written by Tijana Vukić, the leader of the three-year international scientific institutional project Higher Education of Journalists in a Digital Environment (HEJDE). The Public Dialogue on the Academic Education of Journalists has been associated to the project with the aim to initiate a public discussion about this multi-layered, extremely important topic.

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