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A chapter on an prospective online...

In a December 2021, a chapter authored by HEJDE project team members Tijana Vukić and Mato Brautović has been published in a scientific book titled 30 de ani de învățământ jurnalistic și de comunicare în fostele țări comuniste din Estul Europei. The book is published by respectable Romainan publisher Tritonic Books and edited by Romina Surugiu, Adriana Ștefănel and Nicoleta Apostol. 

It is a book published as a result of a scientific conference "30 years of higher education in journalism and communication in Eastern Europe after 1989: From conquering the freedom of expression to embracing digital communication" held online in May 2021 when the HEJDE project team members presented the published topic.

It collects 27 chapters of 30 authors from different perspectives of that specific education structured in seven sections. Four of them are written in Romanian and contributed by Romanian authors, while three of them are written in English with the work of authors from other Eastern European countries. 

The chapter An Online Study Program in Journalism in Croatia: A Need or an Opportunity is a part of a book section titled Journalism Teaching: Limitations and Opportunities. It studies the potential of an online study program in journalism in Croatia as the first one in South-Eastern Europe. It is a qualitative case study whose main goal was to detect indicators that can affect that future project. These first results show it is a valuable initiative. 

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