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Manual to digital interactive...

The core HEJDE project activity - mapping the academic education of journalists in Europe – entered into a next phase. Namely, the project team members prepared the Manual to digital interactive application which is essential for collaborators of this international scientific institutional project and needed for group testing of the application, an activity that precedes the main one – organized entering the data.

The document, 71 page long, consists of three main parts – Introduction, Research postulates, and Step-by-step Guide to Application. Introduction explains the context of the HEJDE project, lists main institutions that supports it, and give direct guidelines for collaborators to act. Research postulates brings definitions of central terms and concepts (journalism, higher journalism education, study programme titles, double degrees, official permissions, journalism types, differences in European higher education systems, European), competencies expected from HEJDE project associates, and guidelines about using various data sources. Step-by-step Guide to Application brings a gradual overview of the application, from the beginning until the end, how one will use it by explaining in detail – by text and by picture - what each entry means, how it is connected to others, what is its purpose and how to fill each required field.

The manual is available at Multimedia part of the HEJDE project webpage, and is a vital part of the digital interactive application. 

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