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The first focus group was held on the...

Yesterday, on September 13, 2022, a focus group was held as part of the project activity "Online study program that educates journalists in Croatia, a need/an opportunity?". The interview was lasting 140 minutes, and it was moderated by assistant professor Tijana Vukić, PhD, head of the HEJDE project.

The aim of this activity is to collect data on the key features, settings, challenges, opportunities and recommendations (programmatic, technological, methodical, operational, institutional) of such a potential study program with an emphasis on its sustainability.

Due to the large number of participants and the method of conducting focus group - remotely - group interviewing was organized in two sessions.

Eight interviewees took part in the first discussion - employees in higher education in scientific-teaching positions with distinct rich academic and professional experience, experts of various profiles and students. They are:

  • Vesna Alaburić, a media law expert, and an associate at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Petra Fabijan Kapov, TV journalist at RTL Croatia
  • assistant professor Jelena Jurišić, PhD., Department of Communication Studies, Faculty of Croatian Studies (Croatia)
  • assistant professor Sanja Kišiček, PhD., Teacher Education Center, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb (Croatia)
  • associate professor Mirza Mahmutović, Ph.D., vice-dean for scientific research at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 
  • assistant professor Siniša Miličić, PhD., vice-dean for teaching and students at the Faculty of Informatics, University of Pula (Croatia)
  • Tomislav Štuka, professor, lecturer and head of the study programme Journalism at the University of Vern (Croatia)
  • Marijana Oštrić, graduate student of journalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb (Croatia)

The discussion resulted in numerous quality proposals and suggestions, and future cooperation on this and other topics was agreed upon with the participants.

Postgraduate students in information and communication sciences from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb and the North University are also involved in this project activity. The organization of remote focus groups is carried out in cooperation with the Prizma Center for Business Intelligence, a partner of the HEJDE project, which supports the data collection process.

After holding the second focus group, on Thursday, September 15, 2022, the collected data will be processed and used for writing a scientific paper, and then for creating a study program.

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