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Successfully completed group...

Second focus group organized within project activity "Online study program that educates journalists in Croatia, a need/an opportunity?" was held remotely yesterday, on September 15, 2022, starting at 5.00 PM. The group interview lasted 120 minutes, and was moderated by assistant professor Tijana Vukić, PhD, head of the HEJDE project.

In this discussion, as in former one, the emphasis was on gathering the opinions and experiences of respondents about the possibilities of this form of journalistic education, the challenges that need to be faced, and recommendations for the most effective creation and organization of a potential study program that educates journalists remotely with an emphasis on sustainability.

Among six interviewees that participated in the second focus group there were employees in higher education in scientific and teaching positions with various rich academic and professional experience, experts of various profiles, representatives of main European and Croatian journalistic organizations, and students. They are:

  • Anamarija Bilan, doctoral student at postgraduate doctoral study Media and Communication at University North, journalist
  • Toni Jurić, executive producer of UNIDU radio, journalist
  • Full professor Tena Perišin, head of the Department for journalism and media production, leader of TV student, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb
  • Associate professor, Nataša Ružić, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Montenegro (Montenegro)
  • Maja Sever, president of European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), president of Trade Union of Croatian Journalists and media professionals, TV journalist at Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT)
  • Hrvoje Zovko, president of Croatian Journalists' Association, TV journalist at Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT)

With few participants, which could not attend the focus group in planned time, an interview will be held in written form. 

The next task within this activity of the HEJDE project is to transcribe the conversations for the purposes of writing a scientific paper which will conduct Prizma Center for Business Intelligence, a partner of the HEJDE project in the realization of focus groups.

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