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Experience of mapping higher...

"Mapping higher journalism education in Europe: Development of an open access interactive digital repository" is a title of virtually presentation prepared by the HEJDE project leader, Tijana Vukić, PhD for 15th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation which was held in Seville (Spain), 7-9 November 2022, as well as of recently published paper in ICERI2022 Proceedings. 


The development chronology of this unique research methodology of higher journalism education in Europe and challenges on that path were presented under the topics Quality and Impact of Eduication/Education and Research/Educational Trends and Globalisation, and the presentation is still available for conference participants via the official conference webage.  

The paper brings a deeper insight into the lessons learned from several challenges which the HEJDE project team faced while building an interactive digital repository of the European higher journalism education institutions and appertaining study programmes through first year and half of the project duration. The analysis and discussion were conducted by the following categories - financing, methodology, setting and operationalizing variables, developing and testing the application, finding and networking associates, tracking the process of entering data, and visibility.

The published scientific article, which is the second one produced as part of the HEJDE project research, can be found here.


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