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Doctoral workshop 2023

Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Faculty of Humanities, Department of History &
Centre for Cultural and Historical Research of Socialism

What Was Europe? Perception, Division and Integration, 1940s-2010s

Pula, August 23-26, 2023

Since 2015 our Doctoral Workshop has been gathering young researchers and focusing on various themes in contemporary history. Motivated by the project Suche nach der verlorenen Zeit – Jugoslawien und die europäische Integration (Humboldt University of Berlin, DAAD), in which we are cooperating, as well as by the tenth anniversary of Croatia’s accession to the European Union, this year the workshop aims to look into the ideas of Europe and their practices over the last eighty years. The configuration of the continent changed during and after World War II, Cold War introduced new divides and understandings of allies and adversaries, as well as different forms of their competition and cooperation, while the end of the century brought new idealized meanings of Europeanness and Europeanization, followed by the enlargement of the European Union and the notion of the so-called New Europe. We are welcoming papers discussing Europe from the angle of political, economic, social, cultural and intellectual history, but also other close disciplines in humanities and social sciences; from the everyday cultures to international affairs, including societies inside the two blocks and those which were non-aligned or neutral; from cross-border travel, sports tournaments and popular culture to the literary and artistic expressions, academic interpretations, as well as the media perception and representation. Moreover, we are looking forward to all intriguing and fascinating insights into cultural and military conflicts, popular stereotypes and examples of successful integration; in short, to the whole variety of thoughts, events and acts that were done in the name of Europe or against it.

So far, the Workshop has focused on various topics in contemporary history, the history of socialist Yugoslavia and wider European context: The History of Everyday Life in Socialist Yugoslavia; Yugoslav Socialism: Similarities and Exceptionalities; A New Man for the Socialist Society; Yugoslavia and the Global 1968: Contexts, Perspectives, Echoes; Industrial Societies of Late Socialism: European Comparisons; Cooperation, Exchange and Solidarity in Europe 1945-1990; Microhistories of Socialism; Microhistories of Socialism and Postsocialism. The themes were often connected to the research projects at CKPIS or with the cooperation network around the Chair for South-East European History at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Over the past years, the Workshop has received an excellent response, with PhD students and lecturers coming from various universities and other institutions (Belgrade, Berlin, Birmingham, Bologna, Budapest, Cologne, Cork, Durham, Florence, Ghent, Giessen, Glasgow, Graz, Hamburg, Iaşi, Konstanz, Koper, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Montreal, Munich, North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Nottingham, Oxford, Paris, Potsdam, Prague, Princeton, Regensburg, San Diego, Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Split, Turku, Vienna, Warsaw, Warwick, Zagreb and Pula). Information on past workshops is available on our website.

APPLICATION FORM (Deadline: May 15, 2023 - Applications closed)
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Glas Istre 30.8.23 pdf

Invited lecturers
Prof. Radina Vučetić, PhD (University of Belgrade)
Dean Vuletic, PhD (University of Luxembourg)
Nemanja Radonjić, PhD (University of Belgrade)
Anita Buhin, PhD (IHC – NOVA FCSH / IN2PAST, NOVA University Lisbon)

Organizing Committee
Prof. Igor Duda, PhD (Juraj Dobrila University of Pula)
Anita Buhin, PhD (IHC – NOVA FCSH / IN2PAST, NOVA University Lisbon)
Tina Filipović (Juraj Dobrila University of Pula)
Sara Žerić (University of Regensburg)

We thank for support
Juraj Dobrila University of Pula
Faculty of Humanities, Pula

We thank for cooperation
Student Centre, Pula
Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria, Pula


8th Doctoral Workshop (2022)
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