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Ethical Statement

History in Flux is dedicated to academic integrity and we kindly request that authors refer to the International Standards for Authors when considering submitting a paper for publication.

  1. Authorship

Only those authors who have made a substantial contribution to the work should be listed as authors. Those who have made less substantial or technical contributions should be listed in an acknowledgment section. In case of multiple authors, all authors should agree on the list and any changes to the list need to be approved by all authors. One author serves a contact between authors and editors and bears the responsibility of informing them of editorial decisions and the review process

  1. Transparency

Research funders and sponsors must be appropriately mentioned together with a statement regarding a possible conflict of interest. Any relationship to the Journal or Editors should also be clearly disclosed, as well as all financial or non-financial interests and relationships that might affect their hypotheses or interpretations.

  1. Reliability and honesty

Papers need to be the result of ethical and legal research, conducted with the maximum adherence to the accepted methodologies of the field(s) in question, or with innovative methodologies based on accepted theories and hypotheses. The results need to be presented with honesty, and without fabrication or data manipulation. Authors should not omit data that is not aligned with their hypotheses or those of their sponsors just because it is inconvenient but must use all relevant and available data that they are aware of. Work of others must be appropriately cited and references from works unread by authors should not be copied. 

  1. Originality

Authors should submit original work that has not been previously published in any language. In case a translation or an updated version of the paper is deemed a necessary and valuable addition to the Journal, the Editorial Board may approve the submission of such a paper.  

Authors must ensure the observation of copyright for all the materials used in their papers (tables, images, maps and so on) and secure the necessary and/or required permissions which should be acknowledged in the paper. Primary and secondary sources must be appropriately cited and all ideas, theories, hypotheses, methodologies, data, etc., originating from other authors must be appropriately acknowledged in the paper.

  1. Peer review and publication process

Authors should not submit the paper to other journals while it is considered for publication in History in Flux. If the authors decide to submit the paper to another journal, they should inform the Editorial board and withdraw their paper from History in Flux. 

Authors should also respond to the editors in a timely manner to ensure the optimal progression of the peer review process.