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Students of the Faculty are active in many associations and initiatives:

  • Student association of the Faculty of Humanities in Pula
  • Student club of the Department of Croatian Studies in Pula
  • International Students of History Association – ISHA Pula

The student association of the Faculty of Humanities in Pula is a place where students of the Faculty of Humanities can make friends and socialize, collaborate on projects and visit various places and events. They offer a variety of aid for students studying at the Faculty of Humanities – from practical advice and information to financial help for student projects. They also organize projects, field trips, travels and various entertaining content. The student association of the Faculty of Humanities in Pula is in cooperation with other associations, institutions and organizations.



Facebook: Udruga studenata Filozofskog fakulteta u Puli

Instagram: @studentiffpu

The International Students of History Association – ISHA Pula is active since 2001, and develops a cooperation within the International Students of History Association. Their goal is to connect students and encourage the cooperation between history students from all of Europe. The groundwork of this cooperation and connection consists of conferences that are held each year and that present the most important and most numerous gathering of members.

Student club of the Department of Croatian Studies is this department's first club, and it originated in 2008/2009. Their goal is to apply acquired linguistic knowledge, skills and abilities, linguistically act in a local setting in order to bring awareness to the importance of the standard idiom of local speech values, and in the end popularize the culture of speaking and writing.

The student council acts at a Faculty level through committees: The Sport Committee, The Mental Health Committee, The Nutrition Committee, The International Cooperation Committee, which are joined by volunteering students.


Students organize Pub quizzes, Board game night competitions in the multimedia hall Stanica 50, participate in Stem-games competitions, etc.

Students are also able to access the University’s Mental health counselling centres. Their primary goal is to offer support, help and encourage students during their careers in all aspects that become very important during the time of education and growing up. That would firstly be the adjustment to the study, environment, new way of life.

Students are encouraged to play sports. Juraj Dobrila University’s sport is organized in three roles: recreational, competitive and the course of Physical Education. Recreational activities are accessible and free to all students of the University.

During their studies, students are also offered mobility. The University’s Office for Partnership and Projects handles the international mobility of students. The University currently has over 150 Erasmus+ inter-university agreements and over 50 bilateral agreements with institutions in and out of the European Union. The office offers administrative, advisory and organizational assistance to all incoming and outgoing mobilities at the University through the Erasmus+ and Ceepus programmes.

The Student Service (in the building of the Student dormitory, Ulica Sv, Mihovila 3) acts within the Student Centre of Pula, and offers to university students and graduating secondary school students part-time and full-time employment. Throughout the whole year, especially during summer, the Student Service helps students to ensure an additional profit which improves the standard and ensures first work experiences.