Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost


Academic research activities occur through scientific projects, lectures at scientific conferences and by writing and publishing scientific papers and monographies.

The Faculty of Humanities in Pula publishes 4 journals:

  • Tabula – journal of the Faculty of Humanities
  • History in Flux – journal of the Department of History
  • Studia Polensia – journal of the Department of Italian Studies
  • Epulon – magazine of History students

Tabula is a scientific journal of the Faculty of Humanities published on a yearly basis since 1999. The journal includes scientific papers which cover a wide range of topics from the field of humanistic science, especially philology, history, archaeology, literature and linguistics.

History in Flux is a journal of the Department of History published since 2019. It contains articles in the English language about history and relevant disciplines. Themed issues are related to the “Past, Present, Future” and “Socialism on the Bench” meetings.

Studia Polensia is a scientific journal of the Department of Italian Studies published since 2012. The goal and purpose of the journal is to publish research papers from the fields of humanities and social sciences. The articles are published in the Italian, Croatian and English language.

Epulon is a magazine of the History students at the University of Pula. It is published once a year, since 2003. It includes papers (articles and presentations) made by History students from Pula and many other universities.

Scientists from the Faculty of Humanities are currently the main researchers of these Croatian Science Foundation projects:

  • Rituals, Ceremonies and Symbols of the Croatian Middle Ages in the European Context (800-1600) (Robert Kurelić, HRZZ IP-2020-02-3702, 2021 - 2024)
  • Microstructures of Yugoslav Socialism: Croatia 1970 -1990 - Microsocialism. (Igor Duda, HRZZ IP-01-2018-5394, 2018 - 2022)

There are many projects that involve our scientists’ cooperation in local and international projects which can last for a year or more, and they are leaders and collaborators of institutional projects. Institutional projects are applied each year and are notified about on the Day of institutional projects. Scientific projects can be searched in the Poirot database.

Scientists are also active in centres: Centre of Russian Language and Culture “Pushkin Institute“, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Landscape Archaeology,

Istrian Onomastic Research Centre, Research Centre for the Linguistic and Cultural Heritage of Istria, Research Centre for the History of the North Adriatic Population. They are also active at the university’s Centre for Cultural and Historical Research of Socialism.

The Faculty of Humanities also organizes scientific meetings. These are a few examples of meetings held in the last five years:

  • Language, Translation and Intercultural Communication, 2022
  • Past, Present, Future 2022: The Other: Stereotype and Prejudice in History
  • Symposium on Croatistics within Slavistics, European and World Context (The 25th anniversary of the founding of Department of Croatian Language and Literature in Pula), 2021
  • Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages 2.0: Real vs. Virtual, 2021
  • X Istrian History Biennale, 2021
  • Mogućnosti i problemi učenja ruskoga jezika na daljinu (Possibilities and problems of learning Russian as a foreign language in a distance format), 2020
  • Past, Present, Future 2020: The (im)penetrable Barriers: Borders and Migrations in History, 2020
  • Naša sloga (1870 – 2020), 2020
  • European intellectuals at the turn of the XIX. in the XX. Century, 2019
  • Past, Present, Future 2019: Peace in History. Avoiding War and the Quest for Social Justice, 2019
  • International Conference Mare Internum Culture - Humanistic Ideas, Relationships and Parallels in the Early Modern Age, 2018
  • Japanese Language Learning for New Generations, 2018