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Department of Teacher Education and Foreign Languages


The Department of Teacher Education and Foreign Languages is made up of the Department of Teacher Education and the Department of Foreign Languages.

Courses that belong to the teaching module are organized within the frame of the Department of Teacher Education. The specialization of teaching can be selected when registering for the full-time study at the Faculty of Humanities. It includes a minimum of 55 ECTS credits and by graduating, students acquire pedagogical competences necessary for work in primary and secondary schools. The number of ECTS credits is determined by the Primary and secondary education act.

For students who choose the teaching specialization, it becomes the study's main component starting from the first semester of the first year at the undergraduate level and is included into the total of 300 ECTS credits of the undergraduate (180 credits) and graduate (120 credits) study levels. The selection of the teaching specialization enables the acquirement of fundamental competences for a Primary School and a Secondary School Teacher. This includes competences of knowledge (teaching and learning, grading and monitoring the development and differences of students), skills (curricular and extracurricular activity planning, teaching, evaluating, monitoring and giving feedback, creating an incentive learning environment, encouraging teamwork and cooperation) and the values of the teaching position (relations with students, parents, colleagues, personal progress etc.). The Teacher Study obligatory courses include the fields of psychology, pedagogy, didactics, methodology and practice in school. Optional courses supplement obligatory ones, whether those be general courses (sociology, philosophy, communication etc.) or even courses related to the profession.  

The Department of Foreign Languages is directed towards educating students in foreign languages, and teachers hold lectures to students from all departments of the Faculty of Humanities, but also the University as a whole, because students attend courses of foreign languages as obligatory and optional courses but also as external courses. By learning a foreign language, students acquire 3 ECTS credits per semester. Foreign languages are taught through contrastive approach, modern methods and techniques, in contact with native speakers (lectures held by guest professors, meetings with writers, screenings of films and educational programmes and attending outdoor lessons) and include learning the language, literature, history and culture of the language. The Department of Foreign Languages organizes international scientific conferences, manifestations, various international creative competitions for students, and poetry nights in foreign languages.