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Department of English

About the English Department

Founded in 2018, the Department of English is one of the most recent departments at the Faculty of Humanities in Pula, and the most recent department of English in the Republic of Croatia. At the time of writing, an undergraduate, double-major study (allowing students the combinations with the other studies available at our faculty), of the English Language and Literature, is being conducted.

There are four permanently employed faculty members at this department, three of whom are in research-teaching positions (a full professor, an associate professor, and an assistant professor), while one holds a teaching position (lecturer); they specialise in (applied) linguistics, literature and translation studies, and one is a native speaker of English. The members of this department have actively participated in some of the most renowned national and international scientific conferences and symposia, and have cooperated in the elaboration of various scientific and professional projects; their works have been published in scientific monographs and other scholarly publications, and have even had works of prose and poetry, as well as works for the general public, published as well: thus, they have presented their works to both experts in particular fields and to the common reader. Furthermore, they participate in the delivery of doctorate studies at the largest Croatian university, where they have also provided their knowledge as supervisors of dissertations of numerous candidates.

Several Erasmus students are among those studying at this department every year, and our students also have the possibility to participate in the student exchange programmes within the framework of the international contracts of the Juraj Dobrila University in Pula. 

It is in this way, as well as through the engagement of external associates from the Universities of Zagreb, Rijeka and Split, that our students are guaranteed an educational process of quality, in an atmosphere that is intellectually stimulating. In alignment with the academic subjects at this department, visits by experts from abroad are occasionally organised, and this greatly contributes to professional and learning outcomes of our students. Besides academic subjects commonly associated with the study of English, our programme offers subjects with elements from the STEM field (e.g. the Computer Language Processing), with which we hope to contribute to the development of competences that are increasingly sought after in the labour market.

In the framework of our study programme, students attain the theoretical, research and practical knowledge of language, literature, culture and other specific aspects of the wider English-speaking world. In the relatively small academic community of Pula, thanks to the principles on which we base our activities, quality teaching has been made possible, as well as an individual approach to students and a strong bond of cooperation among colleagues and students in extracurricular activities (e.g. The Festival of Science, Bloomsday), which is largely in accordance to the requirements of higher education today.

The department is now undergoing the process of authorisation in order to conduct a graduate university double-major study of the English language and literature: this is to be realised in two streams (teaching and translation), thus, the department, from the very beginning of the academic year 2022./2023, will only gain in significance not only at the local and national, but at the international level as well, taking into account the geographical position of the city of Pula, but also the entire region of Istria.


We invite you to enrol in our study in Pula, where the great Irish (but also world) writer James Joyce, briefly taught the English language at the beginning of the last century, and to have a cup of tea with him in the café named after one of his most cherished novels.


Announcements regarding teaching and other activities at our department are regularly posted on the web pages of our department, faculty and university, and now our department also has a profile on Instagram.