Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost

Journalism education has been studied as a research topic and improved as an educational practice for more than a century. In the last decade it has been intensively, in different ways, discussed and problematized in the context of technological development, especially when it comes to the digital media, as well as regarding the changes it brings to media practice.

In our present online lives, when we are completely surrounded by the media and its contents, and especially in the context of the events linked to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 disease, the importance of this topic which has actively arisen the whole contemporary society's interest, is even more emphasized. It is therefore unquestionable if education for journalists should be discussed more and in more details, if deeper and more comprehensible research should be conducted, and if it should be more consistently conditioned as a professional standard.

This specific research domain mostly lacks, however, applied and empirical research (Machado and Teixeira, 2016), as well as easily accessible and understandable presentation of results for the academic, professional and general public. Some of the voids will be filled by the realisation of this project which has as its main goal to determine the condition, challenges and opportunities for the education for journalists in the digital environment from numerous different European perspectives.

According to the Croatian classification of sciences, the research is conducted in the area of social sciences, field of information and communication sciences, branch of communicology, mass media and journalism. An interdisciplinary approach – information and software engineering, library science and filmology – has been applied to collect and process data, and to edit various applied digital repositories and tools.

Higher Education of Journalists in a Digital Environment is an institutional project of an international character which lasts for three years (2021 – 2023), and it is financed by the Faculty of Humanities of the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula.

Project goals

The project is directed toward the research on the condition and perspectives of academic education for journalists in the digital environment of European countries from a few perspectives realised through four key project activities with the following aims:

  1. The digital environment of higher education for journalists in the EU

  2. Online study programmes that educate journalists in Croatia – a need and/or an opportunity? 

  3. Digital collection of literature on education for journalists

  4. Film and higher education for journalists 

These are original project activities and its appertaining topics have still not been researched on either the domestic or international level.