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Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the European Union's new six-year program (2021-2027) for innovation and research. The vision of the program is to achieve a sustainable, just and prosperous future for people and the planet based on European values.
 The ambitious EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation has three main objectives:

  1. Strengthening the scientific and technological foundations of the EU and the European Research Area (ERA)
  2. Increasing innovation capacity, competitiveness and jobs in Europe
  3. Fulfilling the priorities of citizens and maintaining our socio-economic model and values

For Horizon Europe, the Commission estimates a budget of € 100 billion.
The program consists of three pillars:

  1. Excellence in Science - which means strengthening and disseminating the excellence of the Union's scientific basis through the European Research Council (Commission proposal EUR 16.6 billion), Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Activities (Commission proposal EUR 6.8 billion) and Research Infrastructures (Commission proposal 2). EUR 4 billion
  2. Europe's global challenges and industrial competitiveness - fostering key technologies and solutions in support of EU policies and sustainable development goals (Commission proposal for € 52.7 billion budget
  3. Innovative Europe - fostering revolutionary innovation created by new markets and innovation-friendly ecosystems through the European Innovation Council, the European Innovation Ecosystem and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) (Commission proposal EUR 3 billion).

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