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"Internationalization at home": Assistance and Management Tool

Erasmus+ KA2, Capacity Building

The main objective of WILLIAM is to support the advancement of internationalization processes in Israel through a comprehensive IaH (Internationalization at Home) strategy, thereby creating a purposeful international learning environment for home students and working to address the needs of foreign students studying in Israeli HEIs. Internationalization at Home is about all students reaping the benefits of international education! 

William has impact on national, institutional and faculty/curriculum level. 

Universities from European Union are included into the program. Included universities are: 

  • Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic)
  • Management Center Innsbruck (Innsbruck, Austria)
  • Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (Pula, Croatia)
  • Global Impact Institute (Czech Republic)
  • Erasmus Student Network (Brussels, Belgium).

Their task is to transfer knowledge and best practice from EU partners regarding IaH, one on one mentoring and guidance for institutional needs, assist in work packages and to involve in quality assurance. 

Israeli partners’ role in WILLIAM is learning, collaborating, implementing and disseminating. 


WILLIAM activities are divided into 6 Workpackages: 

  • WP1 – Preparation
  • WP2 – Development (protocols, regulations, staff training, social integration)
  • WP3 – Development (Virtual Classrooms)
  • WP4 – Quality assurance
  • WP5 – Dissemination
  • WP6 – Management.


WILLIAM budget amount is 985,381€.

You can find LinkedIn and Twitter profiles on the links below: 

Official webpage can be found on the link below: