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Erasmus+ program

 The Erasmus + program aims at modernizing and improving higher education across Europe and the world. Students and staff are open to the opportunity to participate in the program through which they develop their skills and thus achieve greater prospects in the labor market.

Collaboration of higher education institutions, with the aim of developing education systems, can be achieved with neighboring states, non-EU Balkan states, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Mobility projects within program countries (KA103)

Program countries include members of the European Union, Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Turkey.

Program countries open the possibility of achieving mobility:

  • students
    • mobility
    • internship 
  • (non) teaching staff
    • teaching 
    • training

Mobility projects between program and project countries (KA107)

Co-operation outside the EU includes the cooperation of EU Member States with neighboring countries, countries from Africa, Asia and Latin America. The projects open up space to increase the competence or expertise of institutions within:

  • joint projects for the modernization of teaching methods, materials and programs
  • structural projects, including the involvement of national competent bodies.

KA107 activities are based on increasing the attractiveness of the European education system. The aim is to provide support to higher education institutions from Europe on the world market.