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Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility student experiences

My name is Anabela Smoković, and I am a student at the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, attending the double major programme in Japanese Language and Culture and Croatian Language and Literature. Doing a student exchange in Japan someday had been a wish of mine right from the get-go, and when I finally received the opportunity to do so at Kobe University, I was ecstatic. Having since returned back home (just before the Covid crisis struck!), I still find myself reminiscing and missing the bits and pieces of my life as an exchange student there. Just what kind of experiences were they…?

My name is Matea Glavinić, I study Croatian language and literature and history at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Juraj Dobrila in Pula. Thinking about student exchange and exchanging experiences at another faculty in another country, I waited for the right opportunity and welcomed it last year when the University of Pula established cooperation with the University of Pyatigorsk. And so begins an unforgettable experience...

Ines Orinčić - Erasmus+ mobility at...
Caucasus – mystical mountain chain on the very south of endless Russia is the place I've picked for my Erasmus program. City of Pyatigorsk is the exact place of my adventurous study this year. The city is one of the most famous touristic destinations of the south Russia, being one of the richest healing mineral waters point in this amazing country. City itself is surrounded by seventeen bigger and smaller mountains and hills, and is actually named after one of them – Beshtau. Beshtau literally means „five hills” or „five peaks” (depending how one looks at things), therefore „Pyat (five) – i – gorsk (hills)”, and is spreading to the hight of 1400m. The most famous hill is definitely Mashuk.

I had a desire to study abroad for a long time, but itespecially  increased when I found outabout this program. The Erasmus+ gave me this great opportunity, and now I study at the University of Juraj Dobrila in Croatia.

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. Thanks to Erasmus+ Program I was fortunate enough to be convinced of the truthfulness of these words. Studying in Croatia at Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, I had the opportunity to discover a new unique world, to reach a higher professional quality and gain good friends. Studying abroad also means to represent your country wherever you go. It was this fact that enhanced my commitment and responsibility towards great achievements.

From the school years, I have always wanted to study abroad. I think studying abroad and gaining foreign experience is one of the fundamental factors for becoming a full-fledged professional. The program "Erasmus +" gave me this opportunity and I studied at Juraj Dobrila University of Pula in Croatia. The days that I have spent were unforgettable. My expectations were met as “Erasmus+” gave me the opportunity to gain professional knowledge, to apply them practically and achieve expertise in my field.