Opcije pristupačnosti Pristupačnost


Student dormitory

New Student Dormitory is opened in academic year 2015/2016 and the places offered to Erasmus+ incoming students are available from the academic year 2016/2017.
Number of places is limited.

Before entering the Student Dormitory, student is obligated to submit:

  • ID card,
  • medical certificate that there is no contraindication for accommodation in Student Dormitory,
  • confirmation from student home University that student is full time student.

Without ID card and Medical certificate student will not be allowed to enter the Student Dormitory.

Website for the Student Dormitory:

Private accommodation

For students that don't want to live in Student dormitory it is necessary to look for alternatives such as private rental accommodation.
There are more types of private accommodation so they vary by the price and the conditions.
Overhead expenses are sometimes included in the price, and sometimes are paid by the consumer. Payment is usually expected at the beginning of the month, while some landlords request payment for minimum one month in advance.

Renting the room

Apartment can be rented and shared with the owner. This is the case of rooms, not whole apartment, so the prices are around 100-150 €. In this case, student can rent the room – bathroom and kitchen are shared with the owner of apartment or other occupants. For all necessary services student must agree with owners of the apartment. The specified price usually does not cover overhead expenses, which regularly amount around 300 HRK per person. Depending on the agreement, overhead expenses are calculated so that number of household members divides total monthly expenses.

Renting the apartment

On the other hand, students can rent the whole apartment. That means that the owner of the apartment lives on other location. Monthly rent varies due to location, size and equipment and average coast is 200 to 400 € for one room – two room apartment with living room (the specified price does not cover overhead expenses).

Renting steps:

  1. To find an adequate accommodation (part of the city, bus lines, parking…)

Places where you can find information about accommodation renting can be found on the following web-portals. Most of the portals are only in Croatian, but they usually have photos of apartments and contact email so may send an inquiry. Juraj Dobrila University of Pula doesn't take responsibility for the content and conditions of external sites:

  1. Conclude the contract with landowner. Contract must be notarized in order student can apply for temporary stay in Pula

If necessary student can ask for landowner's ID. In the case of doubts and uncertainties „Zakon o obaveznim odnosima“ should be consulted and „Zakon o najmu stanova“ which regulates this type of relationship. Owner of the apartment certifies contract with notary public.

  • Conclude handover protocol during immigration/emigration, which establishes the state of apartment during handover.
  • Register the residence on MUP (Ministry of Internal Affairs). Claim for register of residence is submitted to police department. Registration is valid for the maximum period of one year.

Registration of the residence to the police is important because of legal stay.